Coal River Pictures, located in New York City, is an independent film production company specializing in thought-provoking documentaries and creatively dynamic fiction. The name, Coal River Pictures, comes from a small, yet powerful river in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia. Many days as a child, founder Lynn Lane sat beside this river while visiting his grandparents at their home. The beauty and simplicity of this river never left his heart and from this beauty and force comes Coal River Pictures.

(Photo: Lynn Lane with Legendary Artist and UpRocker Burn-1)




Coal River PIctures will regularly update their newspage as well as vlog. For more info on what is happening with Coal River, check out the various links.


Coal River Pictures is deeply involved in various projects from "Ring Days" A Boxer's Story to "Coal River ". More information can be found on these as well as other docs on the link.


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